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Real Estate

Transactions involving real estate can present unique tax and accounting issues and opportunities. Due to the large volume of tax law in this area, it is imperative to seek an expert. Our competent tax and accounting staff have extensive experience in many types of real estate transactions. Kevin Just has had a California real estate sales license and has decades of relevant experience. Just, Gurr & Associates has relationships with many experts in a wide range of service areas associated with real estate, including but not limited to construction bonding, construction financing, long-term financing, exchange facilitators and cost segregation engineers.

Some tax law complications include passive loss rules, net investment income tax rules, construction cost allocation, tax-free exchange rules and many more. Our firm maintains high levels of trained staff to recognize opportunities when they arise.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Real estate development
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Tax-free exchange
  • Entity selection
  • Related party issues
  • Real estate leasing
  • Gifting of appreciated property
  • Depreciation and cost segregation